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REALWORLD Marketing® Delivers Measurable Results

"REALWORLD Marketing®" is an approach to solving business problems that goes way beyond generating ideas – it focuses on improving results.

The process starts with a focus on you, your objectives, and the key issues facing your business.

The next step is studying your market (the customers, competitors and trends) to gain insights into how to make things better. This involves getting into the field, listening to your prospects & customers, and working with your people to understand how you generate revenue and profit.

Armed with these insights, REALWORLD Marketing® helps you chart a clear course to achieving your goals. Then strategy is translated into measurable results by working as a part of your team to help get things done.

Helping Business Leaders Solve Real World Marketing Problems

IRP Technologies, Inc.

"Andy is worth every penny we pay him. He doesn't just give you ideas. He works with you and helps you get it done, and sticks at it until things get better."

Ron Hill

Teridian Semiconductor Corporation

"One of Andy’s greatest skills, and he has many, is his ability to quickly assess a complex situation and reduce it to its simple essence."

Pete Todd
Vice President, Worldwide Sales

Renaissance Executive Forums

"I've never seen anyone who can solve marketing and sales problems as fast as Andy."

Ron Penland

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