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Case Study

Strategic Sales and Marketing

Strategic Sales and Marketing


A venture capital backed software company wanted to increase sales of a complex product (IEEE 1149.1 boundary-scan diagnostic tools) to a technical audience.


A new selling strategy and guidance to the sales team on how to get into Fortune 500 companies and close major deals. Guidance to the CEO on changing the company's orientation to increase focus on the customer.


The company tripled its growth rate.

Client Satisfaction

"I’ve read a lot of books about high-tech marketing and strategy. McKenna, Moore and Davidow make their points very clearly. But they don’t help me deal with the specifics of my situation. Andy translates those strategies into results, and he makes things happen fast. He takes his Procter & Gamble background and applies it to high-tech companies, and that’s a unique combination. There aren’t a lot of people like Andy. If you are considering involving Andy in your company, I highly recommend that you do so."

Glenn Woppman

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
ASSET InterTech, Inc.

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