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Case Studies

Consistently delivering measurable results

We have a track-record of consistently delivering measurable results. Click any of the links below for brief snapshots of our work and comments from satisfied clients.

Strategic Sales & Marketing

A venture capital backed software company wanted to increase sales of a complex product (IEEE 1149.1 boundary-scan diagnostic tools) to a technical audience.

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Product Development

A $300 million engineering services company wanted to develop its first software product (an SNMP application builder for enterprise networks).

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Business Start-up

An entrepreneur seeking to start a business around a new product idea (a photo-ionization mass spectrometer for trace particle detection).

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Accelerating Growth

An entrepreneurial company with sales growing at a declining rate each of the last three years.

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Strategic Planning

A division of a Fortune 500 company wanted to listen to its customers and use that input to develop a new strategic plan.

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Market Research

A Fortune 500 company wanted to evaluate the potential of acquiring a foreign company and launching its product into the US market.

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Search Engine Optimization

Electronics manufacturing company needed to increase qualified leads. Ranked #69 for most important keyword.

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