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Debbie Bliss

Experienced Marketing Executives

Debbie Bliss

Debbie specializes in branding, market research, and leading teams.

She has extensive experience as a senior executive at Consumer Products companies (Procter & Gamble, Del Monte, startups).

She is also adept at recruiting, training and motivating talent. She created the MBA Recruiting Program at Del Monte and led the search for marketing and sales executives at two startup companies.

After graduating with honors in Business at Southern Illinois University, Debbie started her career in Sales for Richardson-Vicks. This gave her first-hand experience selling new concepts to Retail headquarters and taught her to think like a Merchandiser.

After advancing quickly through Brand Management at Richardson-Vicks (acquired by Procter & Gamble), Debbie led a $100MM business unit at Del Monte with responsibility for both existing and new businesses. She delivered record volumes and profits, while supervising and training five managers and an administrative staff.

Debbie then launched Sportiva Active Wear as a sole proprietor, building the business from concept through delivery of net profit in Year Three.

Her consulting engagements emphasize her strengths in market research and in developing new product concepts, branded positionings, and marketing strategies. Recent assignments include leading the marketing team (Agency, Media and PR) to develop and launch a Brand identity for Fran’s Healthy Helpings, the pioneer in healthy frozen meals for children.

Debbie lives in northern California with her husband and two sons. She enjoys gardening, biking and hiking.

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