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Last year we had record sales and doubled our profit. Andy was instrumental in helping all of our people define what they needed to do to take us to the next level.

John Koen

Hydro Tek Sytems, Inc.

Andy’s contributions, including insights about launching new products, made quite a difference to our organization.

Bob Muir

Vice President
Fluor Daniel

Andy really makes a difference. He makes us a better company and makes me more effective. He gets me to do things I don’t know how to do (by teaching me) or wouldn’t do without him emphasizing why it’s so important. He has become a real partner in our business and a friend.

Marshall Wright

Chief Executive Officer
Elpac Electronics, Inc.

Andy has been an invaluable advisor in starting my business and building initial sales. He knows instinctively what start-up companies need.

Jack Syage

Chief Executive Officer
Syagen Technology

Andy does excellent work. He’s expensive but worth it.

Roger Cohen

Strategic Legal Systems, Inc.

Andy’s contributions were fantastic and exactly what we needed! He helped clear out the clutter of inside thinking and brought the outside world to the forefront. Brilliant!

Beverly Lages

Lages & Associates

There’s something about the way Andy works with people. He makes complex matters very simple to understand. And he has a nice way of pointing out things that they wouldn’t have noticed without his perspective.

David Hurwitt

Renaissance Executive Forums of Southern Connecticut

Andy’s mindset focuses and drills down to the core issues, and that’s a considerable talent.

Mark Benhard

MBB Communications

The students have a sixth sense about who really can deliver the goods and I always get a kick out of how they respond to the ideas in his presentation – similar to how people react the first time they see the Grand Canyon or look at the Moon through a telescope. Priceless!!

Charles Baeker

Director, Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation
The Paul Merage School of Business, University of California

This was the most crystal clear presentation of marketing that I have experienced, either in book, tape, video, or seminar. I like your philosophies, and your ‘down to earth’ approach.

Andy Pattantyus

Strategic Modularity, Inc.

Andy saved us a lot of money by helping us see the value in gathering market input on a new product idea that, based on his guidance and that input, we decided not to launch.

Glenn Woppman

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
ASSET InterTech, Inc.

Andy helped us develop our strategic plan and conducted market research to help us clearly define the needs of our customers. The quality and depth of his work went far beyond what we had expected, and proved extremely useful. On a personal note, I enjoy working with him and appreciate his very relaxed yet focused way of sharing new ideas.

David Reichel

Director of Organizational Development
Rockwell Semiconductor

Andy has a very straightforward approach to product development that makes a lot of sense. He has proved to be a tremendous resource, and his contributions have far exceeded my high expectations.

David Droman

Chief Executive Officer
V-Systems, Inc.

Andy gives us valuable independent thinking and new ideas. And when we need him, he really gets involved and helps us get things done. Our gains in sales, productivity and profitability definitely reflect his input.

Steven A. Drucker

Chairman and CEO
Great Reunions, Inc.

When Andy speaks on marketing and selling new technologies, he continually receives top ratings in the evaluations our attendees complete. Their comments typically include 'excellent,' 'very helpful,' and 'real world information I can use right away.' He brings high levels of energy and enthusiasm to our events.

Tiffany Haugen, Director

Accelerate Technology SBDC
University of California, Irvine

Andy has a knack for making complex issues easy to understand and his energetic, friendly style encourages people to participate in the discussion. He knows his subject and definitely helped a lot of people.

Hal Lefkowitz, Conference Director

National Innovation Workshop
U.S. Department of Energy

I’ve read a lot of books about high-tech marketing and strategy. McKenna, Moore and Davidow make their points very clearly. But they don’t help me deal with the specifics of my situation. Andy translates those strategies into results, and he makes things happen fast. He takes his Procter & Gamble background and applies it to high-tech companies, and that’s a unique combination. There aren’t a lot of people like Andy. If you are considering involving Andy in your company, I highly recommend that you do so.

Glenn Woppman

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
ASSET InterTech, Inc.

Without Andy's assistance we would not have launched a successful market-focused product and we certainly wouldn't have released it ahead of schedule.

Chris Olsen

Senior Director

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